Sponsorship Opportunities

The BMAs provide an invaluable opportunity for brands to engage with the crème de la crème of hospitality, offering the chance to boost all-important visibility and awareness within the industry. Whatever your objectives, we have an array of tailored sponsorship packages available guaranteed to elevate your brand.

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    “The 2024 BMAs was a great opportunity for CKBG to showcase their brands in-front of a great audience of industry professionals. We loved working with the super organized and enthusiastic team and can’t wait to attend again for 2025. ”

    Nik Koster
    Tequila Komos

    “Congratulations for such a great night. It was so clear the amount of thought that had gone into every detail to make sure it was the best night for your guests”

    Isobel Armstrong
    Secret Garden Distillery

    “It was a great night and so lovely to see how much it means to those who were shortlisted and winners on the night”

    Paula Smith
    Licensed Trade Charity

    "The first BMA's were a fantastic representation of the UK Hospitality industry; demonstrating the talent, warmth and brilliance of all those who work within it. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and had a fantastic evening."

    Alex Holbrook
    Master Of Malt Trade

    “Our whole team loved the 2024 BMAs. The vibe and atmosphere on the night was so special, and there was such an inspiring feeling of togetherness for the industry, with some of the best names all under one roof for the Bar Magazine Awards”

    Andrea Deutschmanek
    Quorn Pro

    “The BMA 2024 were a lot of fun, it was great to see so many leading people in the industry attend, and a truly fantastic opportunity to network. I thought the award ceremony went really well, a lot of well-deserved people and institutions nominated; overall it was a great night to be involved with.

    Sonny Macaravey
    Spirit Cartel

    “The Bar Magazine Awards was a great evening with an incredible turnout. It was an honour to be surrounded by the brightest and most forward thinking of the bar community and can't wait to come back again next year!”

    Kris Hall
    The Burnt Chef Project

    “The night went super well in terms of the atmosphere, food & cocktails! Also, there were a lot of fun people and leaders in the industry that made not only the night enjoyable but also great for work-related purposes.”

    Emanuele Mancini
    Spirit Lab

    "The BMA’s really is a must-attend event for those that are looking to maximise opportunities and/or develop connections in the UK bar industry. This is especially true from a brand point of view with ample opportunities for food, drink and equipment brands to sponsor various parts of the event which serves as a perfect platform for putting products in the hands of key potential buyers."

    Beatrice O’Dwyer
    Rawlingson lane

    "Congratulations to all the category winners, and to you and your team for organizing such a great event, it is definitely a great opportunity to establish new connections with other likeminded individuals."

    Svetoslav Chochev

    “The Drinks Trust was honoured to be one of the two Charity Partners of the BMAs, which speaks volumes for the team’s commitment to ensuring that industry people have somewhere to turn to in times of need. The event was a fantastic night, with a vibrant atmosphere filling the room”

    Alessandra Brugola
    The Drinks Trust

    "I personally love being part of it.  Thank you for giving me the platform and allowing me to speak. I would very much like to be involved again going forward!"

    Gerry Calabrese
    Hoxton Spirits

    "The event achieved exactly what we wanted it to, which was bringing everyone together to celebrate and have fun. It was the best awards I’ve ever been to"

    Frankie Mercieca

    "I'm so proud I was involved in the organization of this superb event. The drinks were flying out no stop, and the team had such a great fun"

    Adamo Varbaro

    "It was with great pleasure that De Kuyper Cocktails was part of the inaugural Bar Magazine Awards in January 2024. The night was spectacular, a big well done to the Bar Magazine team who did a superb job. As sponsors of the Mixologist award, De Kuyper Cocktails were truly honoured to partner with Bar Magazine, and give recognition to all of the amazing mixologists that thrive to create amazing inspirational cocktails. It has been a delight working with Bar Magazine before, during and after the event"

    Rebecca Cresswell
    De Kuyper